No, thank you! Really. Maine deserves a candidate who is not for sale. This campaign will not be seeking contributions.* If you would like to support this campaign, instead…

  1. Share
    Talk about keeping money out of politics and tell three friends about this campaign. Follow Tiffany on facebook, twitter or instagram.
  2. Review your Favorites
    Take 5 minutes and review your favorite business or Maine location online. It’s free and helps folks from away find the best Maine has to offer.
  3. Learn
    It can be so overwhelming to figure out every issue that could impact you being handled at a state or federal office. Pick a few reputable sources to dedicate a 10 minutes to each morning so you have an idea of what your government is and isn’t doing for you.
  4. Take a Maine Weekend
    Explore the state. Head to Lubec, Bar Harbor, or Rangeley in off-season. Grab your GPS and go somewhere in Maine you haven’t. Make it a Maine adventure.
  5. #MaineRaising
    Contribute by shopping or donating to worthy causes. Check out the #MaineRaising page for the current focus.

    • Shopping
      Spend the same amount you would donate for change to make real change in your community. Every day, every dollar, you vote. Shop at small, locally-run businesses that treat their employees and community well. Support your neighbors instead of derogatory political TV ads no one wants to watch that give profit to large, out-of-state corporate ownership.
    • Donate
      Take the same amount you would otherwise contribute to this campaign to one of the following organizations and tell them that “Tiffany won’t take my  money for her congressional campaign.”

  6. Show your receipts!
    If this campaign has inspired you to spend in the district, post it to facebook, twitter or instagram using #buyMaine4Bond. Post your purchases, photos of dining out and/or your receipts, tag the campaign and the business too!
    (if you post a receipt, please blur any information associated with payment)
  7. Write a letter to the editor.
    Not in Maine? No problem! Write to your local paper. #MaineRaising works best when people from all over participate and maybe it’ll catch on in your home town. Don’t forget to tag the campaign or “@” Tiffany if you get published.
  8. Have fun.
    Politics doesn’t have to be a war; it’s a collaboration for a better us.

* If there are enough requests, this campaign may provide an unaffiliated business where campaign-approved items may be ordered, or may directly sell campaign items at cost. Otherwise, no funds will be sought.